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Everything for the Coach – by coaches for coaches – Step 1

I have this crazy idea of creating an overview of tools, sites, inspiration that coaches can use to improve their business.

The goal is to create an extensive list of tips collected from the most successful coaches in the world. Tips that made a difference in their business. Tips that can be used by other coaches to move forward with their business.

It is for executive coaches, business coaches, corporate coaches, performance coaches, personal/Life coaches, Career coaches, Team coaches. Coaches that have a business and want to make the next step.

This list will become available on and

There is already a start on this page with an overview of books collected from various coaches.

The questionnaire that I want to send out to the coaches is ready. There are four questions on the form to be answered by successful coaches.

The next step is to hire virtual assistance to find the names and contact details of the most successful coaches. Send the questionnaire to these coaches and collect the results.

How becoming a referee is impacting my life and my business

When I was younger, a lot younger, we played soccer on the street every day. We played before school time, after school time and during the lunch break. At the schoolyard or on the street.

When I was around 11 almost all the boys of our class were in a soccer team at a soccer club. So, of course I had to join a soccer club as well. HSC ’21 in our town was the most logical choice.

I joined the team and we finished first by the end of the seasons. This has not much to do with my role in the team. Most of the time I was on the bench with an injury. The injury had nothing to do with soccer and everything with my back, we discovered later.

referee arena business life

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Workshops outperform webinars, writing outperforms typing, better negotiator and Life is ____

Instead of sharing these posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ I am going back to blogging old skool.

This is that you share interesting links in a post. You or better yet, I connect the web. I share inspiration that I find. It’s up to you now to do something with this.

writing, notes, links

How to become a great Negotiator

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Become a Great Negotiator
A great post by James Altucher. One of the few blogs that I want in my inbox. He writes often and lengthy posts.
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Hate writing for free? Get paid to write, meet Recipay #leweb

With social media we can all publish content. There is almost no barrier to entry and there are no cost to start publishing your knowledge to be seen by everyone.

Twenty years ago reporters, photographers and editors were employed by magazines and newspapers publishers, radio and television stations. Now the same media companies can get content from anyone.

This completely changed the value of content.

Who wants to pay for content when they can get valuable content for free?
Recipay brands and offers
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Struggling to find your next business idea? Get inspiration from the trends in Silicon Valley #leweb

As a business owner it is sometimes hard to find new ideas for your clients and for your business.

To get ideas you can ask questions and listen to clients. When you need new inspiration you can visit an event like Le Web.

This is the 10th Le Web and like the years before it is an event that is filled with great inspiration on internet, tech and social media. It feels like a 3 day shower of inspiration for me.

Sharing some of this energy here for some inspiration for your 2014 business plans.

Loic Le Meur at #leweb

On the day one Loic Le Meur (@loic) kicks this 10th edition of with trends he has spotted in Silicon Valley.
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Don’t have the time to keep up with your connections? These new LinkedIn features can help you [video]

In his book “never eat alone – and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time.” Keith Ferrazzi mentions that he pings constantly. What is pinging?

I know pinging from a submarine, “a high-pitched or ultrasonic sound whose echoes provide information about nearby objects and vessels”. Then there is a ping for a network, “which a remote host is expected to echo, thus indicating its presence.”

When you had/have a BlackBerry you may know “ping” as a free chat function with other BlackBerry phones.

Better connections? Watch the video
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Why most coaches don’t even make minimum wage [video]

Rich Coach – Poor Coach

I just read the book “Rich dad, Poor dad”. I know. What took me so long?

Right now I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up this book. Actually I am lending it from a friend because it was in the stack of books that we had to move last Tuesday. And moving the books and bags was necessary because we needed the space to record his first videos for Youtube. Funny how these things sometimes go.

rich coach - poor coach
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Social media is not likes and shares – it’s creation [video]

What is social media for you?
Facebook? Of course.
LinkedIn? Sure.
Twitter? Yes!
Youtube? OK.
Google+? ?

In the last mastermind meeting I mentioned that I will only focus on Facebook and LinkedIn on my website. Since that is what most coaches feel social media is. But social media is much more, think blog.
I said: “I will not talk about this on this site but I will use it in my mentoring, since it is important in my strategy.”

“No!!!” They both said.
“Do mention it. That is what makes your story different.”

Social Media is about creation
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